September 23, 2014

Two-Way Tuesday: Styling a Plain White T-Shirt

Once again, it's time for Two-Way Tuesday! If you're new to the challenge, I'm linking up with my good friend Valery of I'm Getting There! The challenge is to take one item of clothing and style it two different ways. 

This week I'm taking a plain white t-shirt and giving it a two-way twist!

The first outfit is great for work or going out with the girls or significant other. A T-Shirt looks great paired with a pencil skirt, and for fall, my favorite booties just can't be beat! T-shirts are so easy to come by, and they can be wonderful for your budget! Mine is from Target, while the skirt is from Torrid. Sunglasses and gold accessories finish off the look. 

 This look has got to be one of my favorites now, I feel so confident and chic! Who knew that a t-shirt would make a girl feel so good about herself? 

Ready for the runway!
The second look is a lot more casual. It's also great for fall because of the blazer. T-shirts and Jeans are a classic look, and it's great on anybody! Add the blazer and some brightly colored flats for a slightly dressed up feel. The jeans are from Wrangler, and are probably the most comfortable boot-legs that I've ever owned. The red flats are also among my favorite wardrobe pieces, from Modcloth. 

It's a good look to just throw on and go. Errands, shopping, a leisurely walk around the mall... it's versatile for many reasons. It's also comfortable, so you're not sacrificing comfort for style! 

It's also great without the blazer, if a bit more on the casual side. 

Don't forget to check out Valery from I'm Getting There! She's awesome, and I guarantee you'll love her blog!

I'm Getting There

Tune in next week for another segment of Two-Way Tuesday!

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