March 31, 2015

Little Black Dress Dinner with the Houston Fashion Bloggers

This past Sunday I had a chance to get to know some of the wonderful ladies of the Houston Fashion Bloggers! It's a great group, and I've been enjoying meeting new people and reading new blogs. It's been a challenge getting involved in the fashion world of Houston, TX... but I'm steadily growing more comfortable and gaining new friends. 

I had a grand time at Birraporetti's, an Italian restaurant with a bit of an Irish flair in Downtown. I got a scrumptious shrimp fettuccine alfredo, my all-time favorite dish! It was delicious, and the spinach fettuccine was uniquely yummy.

The girls introduced themselves, and we all mingled and chatted about various things. How we met our significant others, what we like blogging about, jobs, and more. It was casual and fun, and all of the meals the girls got looked amazing. After dinner, the waiter brought an impressive dessert display! Birraporetti's is great, you should visit if you're ever in town!

I myself got the chocolate mousse. It wasn't overpoweringly sweet or filling, the perfect ending to a great dinner!

After some more chatting and mingling, we decided to recruit one of the waiters to get a picture of all of us! I didn't get a picture on my phone, but the Houston Fashion Bloggers did upload a picture to their Facebook and Instagram! I'm so happy to be a part of this group!

The ladies I met run the blogs at:
Live Life in Style (HFB Founder)
and Courtney Forey (HFB Intern - Blog Upcoming)

Photo copyright of the Houston Fashion Bloggers via Facebook and Instagram.
After work today, I started sketching and drawing the ten of us ladies in the Little Black Dresses we wore. Can you tell who is who?

I'm hopeful for the opportunities this Blogging group will lead to, and I look forward to every moment!


  1. It seems like you ladies had a great time! The dessert looks delicious, especially that chocolate mousse <3 you are very VERY talented I love the group illustration you did its so beautiful!

  2. I'm bummed that this was held while I was still out of town... Hopefully there will be another one soon!

  3. Hopefully I'll get to meet you next time Eva! Y0u are uber-talented!