November 2, 2017

Artwork Feature - 2017


2017 has been a year stuffed full of new art. I know I haven't been updating the blog regularly, but my Instagram and Facebook have been very busy! Since joining Girls Drawin' Girls a year ago, I've had lots of new ideas come my way, art prompts, promotional material, and more! I'm so eager to see what the new year will bring. 

Usually my style is more detailed, but lately I've taken on a simpler style. That's not to say I don't do the other stuff, but this new style is so freeing and spontaneous - it's fluid in a way that I hadn't really explored before. I'm really enjoying it, and I hope you all do too!

Without further ado, here is a showcase of some of the artwork that I've done over the past year!

Fashion Illustrations in the new, fluid style.

Balmain Spring Ready-to-Wear 2017 - drawn on a Plus Size model.

Commissions for a pair of ladies from Bewitching Dames.

More Fashion Illustrations in the new style!

A fun plus sized illustration of a space traveler. <3

Fabulous poses in my new style!

A simplistic look at an elegant evening gown. 

Fashion line-ups in teal and purple - this new style feels so good!

Plus sized ladies looking fabulous!

A spacey themed illustration in muted colors. 

A set of yoga poses in my new style - lots of pink and purple!

Illustrations featuring Gigi, the GDG mascot, and a flapper.

GDG had plenty of fun art prompts - including Knights, Strawberries, and more!

I loved working on this Rainbow Flowers project! Diversity is something I've been striving to do more of - Body Positivity is SO important to me! Flowers are always a bonus to illustrate, too. 

That's it for now! Looking forward to to the art I create for next year!!

Latest Illustration Project - the Tarot Deck

Hello! For those who have followed me on Instagram or Facebook, there was a recent Kickstarter that happened a few months back. I'm a part of the Artist Collective Girls Drawin' Girls, and the group decided to embark on a project where as many of us as possible were assigned Tarot cards to illustrate. I had illustrated The Fool and The Eight of Cups. I based my illustrations largely on the traditional symbolism that can be found in the Rider-Waite deck, which is among the most popular.

The Kickstarter was a huge success, bringing in about $10,000 for GDG - a huge boost for us! It was so exciting and so fun seeing how everything came together. We're currently getting everything finished and ready for shipment to all of the backers (including yours truly! I'm so excited!). 

A look at some of the artwork for the deck and the box.
I enjoyed the opportunity to draw the Tarot cards so much, I decided to do more research on the meanings behind the cards. I bought myself a couple decks to see their interpretation, then started writing down keywords. Once I had an idea in mind, I started drawing. I'm no where near finished, but I have several Major Arcana finished, and the numbered Minor Arcana are finished at least. I'm hoping, once I get more information on printing and the like, that I can possibly get a deck printed as well. Maybe even a Kickstarter as well! 
The theme I chose was largely based on my fashion illustrations, coupled with my favorite insect in the world: the Butterfly. Creating plus sized fairies has been a whole lot of fun so far!!

Here's a look at some of the illustrations so far:
The High Priestess (2) and The Fool (1)
Based on the Pale Beauty Moth and the Janetta Forester Butterfly

The Empress (3) and The Lovers (6)
Based on the Monarch Butterfly and the Pink Elephant Hawk Moth

The numbered cards (1-10) all will have the same purple monarch wings, which are also on the back of the cards. Each suit is the traditional suit: Pentacles, Swords, Wands, and Cups.

I'm not quite halfway through the Major Arcana and still have all the Court cards of the Minor Arcana to go - that's a lot of illustrations!! I'm having fun, however, and I look forward to seeing this project through to the end.