September 20, 2014

The SCA - a look inside Medieval Reenactment

This Saturday my husband and I attended an event called The Argent Anniversary of Raven's Fort. Meaning, it was the 25th anniversary of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) group in Huntsville, TX. It was lots of fun, with plenty of great costumes, good company, and plenty of rapier fighting to be had. 

Fencers in action!

A blacksmith working on some pieces, and was happy to answer any questions people had.

The King of Ansteorra overseeing the fencing tournament.

Now, what is the SCA exactly? To put it shortly, it's a Medieval Reenactment group that's worldwide, with groups in practically every major city (and some minor) you can think of. The group we went to the event for is called the Barony of Raven's Fort. 

Fencers gathering to hear about the tournament for the day.

Fencers waiting to fight.

I have been a part of the SCA for around 3 years now, and it's been a wonderful experience for me! There are so many amazing people to meet who come from all walks of life, only to unite under the desire to learn, dress up in medieval garb, fight, create, and so many other things! 

The SCA offers a multitude of activities to learn and do! There's art, sewing, costume design and construction, black smithing, jewelry making, fencing, history lessons, persona creation... Anything in the timeframe between 600 and 1600 AD, someone in the SCA might know something about it.

My husband's persona is 16th century Swiss, named Isaac.

My husband is a fencer, and a great one at that! He fought today until he couldn't- and then fought some more! It's always so much fun watching him on the field, defending my honor, so to speak. I fence too, but not nearly to the point or endurance that my Lord Isaac does. 

I like to sit and watch and enjoy the company of the people I consider friends and family. Because that's what the SCA is like for me - a family. Because everyone is welcome! If you have a love of history, of learning, of creating awesome stuff, or simply enjoying awesome stuff - the SCA could be for you!

My SCA persona is named Emma, and her time period is the mid 14th century. 

If you're interested in finding out more, or how to find out if there's a local SCA group near you, just visit their website at
If you're in Texas, look up the Kingdom of Ansteorra
If you're in Dallas, you're in luck! The Barony of the Steppes is our local group!

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