September 30, 2014

Busy Times for Busy Artists

Boy have things been busy...  Between dealing with clients for commissions (or having clients fall out after working several hours...), school, and working on a set of 100 sample cards for Francisco+co I am definitely tired. 

Here's a set of pictures of what I've been up to lately: 

Simply Be UK is working on an illustration campaign titled #SimplyBeReal. Here is my contribution.
I've been working hard on building my personal portfolio as well, going out almost every day to paint. I've been concerned with keeping my illustrations more realistic as far as women's sizes go, ranging from smaller to larger and everything in between.
A sample of sketches from my Editorial Illustration class. Working with articles about various subject is a challenge, but it's opening me up to ideas beyond just the Fashion stuff I typically enjoy drawing.
An assignment from my Perspective class. It's been a challenging class so far, but I feel that I will learn a lot from it. 
CultureMap Dallas is hosting the Stylemaker Awards at Tootsie's in October. I've been requested to create sample cards for gift bags at the event. It's an honor to have been contacted by Francisco+co for this project!
A look at 50 cards that I've made so far. I'm halfway done - I need 100 total for the gift bags for Francisco+co!
 And that's what I've been doing as of late. Not all of the commissions I've done went through well, some have decided they aren't ready for purchase, others have pretty much fired me. But I continue on working, because with hard work comes rewards, right? 

If you're interested in a commission, feel free to email me at! All I need is a brief of what you like and a budget, and I will let you know what my rates are in a quote.

I don't do illustrations for free as this is my personal art business. 
(Unless it's a gift for someone - and that's on my terms, not a client's)

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