January 15, 2015

Painting and Job Hunting

Today I went out and began the journey for a job. Now that we're pretty much settled in Houston, I really DO need to find something. It might not be fashion illustration related but at this point, anything is better than nothing. School Loans won't pay for themselves, after all!

I applied for several places in Sugar Land Town Center, a wonderful little shopping area in our beloved Suburb. If you're ever in Sugar Land, I suggest you check it out! City Hall is there, and a number of yummy restaurants and quirky boutiques. It's one of my favorite places to hang out whenever I would come home to visit my parents (they live here too, and I grew up here as well!).

Sugar Land Town Center has this gorgeous fountain in front of City Hall!
While I was out, I also got to slip into the Starbucks and do some painting. It had been a while, so it felt really good to get out the paints again! 

I've included a bit of a step-by-step photo process of the drawing below: 

I always start off with a pencil, then ink and line it. Erasing all of the sketch marks is essential in how I do things.
Then I add paint, then bling it up with gold gouache. It's one of my favorite painting styles right now!
To finish things off, I included a little outfit blurb as well. I got an adorable cream colored blazer from Cato Fashions the other day, and a metallic gold screen-printed top as well. I was rather proud of this work outfit, definitely will have to find other ways to wear this top!

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