January 22, 2015

The Painting Process - A look at Eva's creative style

Today it was wet, cold, and gloomy. It was a day I was hoping to do some laundry, when the washing machine decided it had other ideas. So instead of letting the "blah" get to me, I decided to do some painting. When I started the sketching and inking, I figured that I wanted to do a process post dedicated to my art style. 

This painting was inspired by the beautiful Sarah at Curvilyfashion.com! If you're into fabulous plus-size fashion, I suggest checking her out. She's fabulous and fun, and her blog is amazing! 

Now let's get to it! 

My first step is always a foundational sketch. Simple shapes like circles and ovals help to flesh out and set a pose. My lines are really loose and light, building up the figure over time. Next, I use a variety of ink pens to get the linework in. I vary the line weight up to make the image more interesting. 

The next step is to erase all of those pencil sketches! While they make an image feel looser and spontaneous, I like the clean look of smooth lines. Once that's done, it's on to painting!

Step three is getting the flat colors in and start building up your layers for shading. My go-to paints are a set of portable Prang watercolors. They are the high-end brand of watercolors, but they're easy to use and have a good saturation to them. They've served me well, and I can take them anywhere!

The final step is using the metallic gouache paints! I've been playing around with the Winsor & Newton brand of gouaches for a while now, and they make my paintings feel really glamourous! They add a certain bling to them, and I can have fun and be loose with the medium for the final touches.

And Voila!! The painting is done! A gorgeous plus sized lady turned into a lovely piece of art! 

If you're interested in a commission or an art collaboration, just email me at evaduplanart@yahoo.com!

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