October 12, 2014

Sketching Lovely Ladies

This past Friday I had the pleasure of being a part of a lady's 80th birthday. An event planner named Debbie invited me to do some fashion sketching. It was a great event at the Ritz-Carlton, and I had a great time drawing the ladies who attended!

The table was set up across from where the attendees had their luncheon, and there was a cute little stand to showcase what our entertainment was. It was a beautiful room!

I was accompanied with another sketch artist named Gloria Jones. She was such a charming lady, and I was impressed by her sketching style! It was so fun to watch her work, and it was nice to have a kindred spirit to work with throughout the afternoon. You can find more of her work at her website: http://www.partyillustrations.biz/

We were drawing on linen handkerchiefs, so it was an entirely new experience for me. It was a challenge to draw on them, but after some testing with the fabric markers, I managed to adapt. 

The sketches below are some of the handkerchiefs that I did. Older ladies are a subject I've never really drawn before, so it's just another subject that I learned that I need to expand upon.

If you have an event coming up in Dallas, Debbie is a great event planner! You can check out her business here: http://dvpevents.com/

Such a fun event with lovely, charming ladies!

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