October 9, 2014

100 Strong - a look at sample cards made for Culturemap Dallas and francisco+co

I was excited to have been commissioned by a lady at francisco+co to create something fun for an upcoming event here in Dallas called the Stylemaker Awards. It's a set of sample cards to be added to 100 gift bags for guests! 

It took me a while to do them - I would sketch, ink, and paint 10 cards at a time over a period of 10 days. I stretched it out over some weeks. 

Brands that were included were Dior, Kate Spade, Lela Rose, and so many others! I had to do a lot of research for some, and others I drew after seeing them at the mall or walking around a shopping center. 

I drew shoes, dresses, casual wear... I had ladies that had blonde hair, brown hair, black hair. I even included plus sizes! Men are scarce, but I did them too. I tried to incorporate all kinds of different aspects to fashion.

I've added various pictures of all the cards, so enjoy! And if you're in Dallas on October 15, make sure to RSVP for the Stylemaker Awards! There are only 100 and they're going to go quick!