August 26, 2014

What I Wore, and What I've Worn

This isn't usually a Fashion Blog, but I love drawing fashion, so it's almost needless to say that I enjoy dressing up nice as much as the next lady. I've taken a few photos of my Outfits of the Day, and I figured I should share them with you!

Today I wore one of my favorite dresses, a navy polka-dot dress that I got from Torrid. I love their stuff! It's hip and trendy, and they have a variety of styles to choose from. 

Vintage inspired... and too lazy to put on contacts!

Other outfits have included various dresses, skirts, and other outfits that I personally enjoy wearing. I don't often get to go shopping, and when I do, it's usually online. So sometimes what I get might be a miss, but I love when they're a hit! The following pictures are different outfits that I've decided to photograph over the past month or so. 

Butterfly... cowgirl? Who knew a skater dress would look cute with boots!

Maxis and gladiator sandals, my favorite casual outfit!

Love this dress from Target! Good quality and perfect for work during the summer OR fall!

This skirt from Modcloth is to die for... the print is amazing! My favorite going-out outfit!

You can't go wrong with a cute teal polka-dotted dress!
My style is a big mixture of comfortable and an attempt to be on-trend and looking my best. As a plus-size girl it can be a challenge to look and feel good about yourself... but with an encouraging husband and encouraging friends, it gets easier every day! 

Always remember: You are You, and that's Fabulous!


  1. I love all of your outfits! I need you to help me find outfits like these!

    1. Torrid, Modcloth, Target... that's about the jist of it!! We should go shopping together! (although Modcloth and Torrid I do all online)