August 24, 2014

Road Trips and Painting

This weekend was a pretty relaxing one, my husband and I drove down to Beaumont to visit his parents. A rather uneventful roadtrip, but it was still a good one because it meant stopping at Andy's Frozen Custard, which is in Tyler along the way. It's yummy stuff, and I hadn't had a chance to have any since I visited Branson with my grandparents! 

It's got a vintage dive look to it, and the frozen custard is smooth and
creamy with a multitude of toppings to choose from for their concretes (like DQ's Blizzards). 

Anyways, it was a good time with my in-laws! We had a good time relaxin together and Don's mom whipped up an amazing dinner for us on Saturday! Also, I got some more painting in! Playing with different styles... I need to get more references for different poses, body types, diversities, etc. 

Excuse the quality, but there's a look at the recent paintings. 

All bodies are beautiful, and I'm working on including as much diversity as possible in my work!

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