August 30, 2014

Fashion Shoot with Friends

Tonight I had a wonderful time hanging out with some awesome ladies! The ladies from the blogs I'm Getting There, Ware is the Vodka, Old World New Girl, and GenPink all came out to Addison Circle for a fun fashion photoshoot. We met at Astoria, which had a nice white wine selection for their happy hour, by the way. We chatted, got to know each other a little better, then were off to explore the area and take pictures. My camera is just a little point-and-shoot, so bear with me. 

Sevi and Valery pose for a quick pic before the other ladies arrived!
Addison Circle is full of interesting shops and little parks. It's quaint and relatively quiet. I definitely look forward to visiting again! 

We began in a little side park and enjoyed the tree cover and a cute little fountain, surrounded by a stone wall. 

Set our bags down to take pics and pose!

It was great meeting Addie! She's so chic!

Valery is looking fabulous in all denim!

From there we took some street photos in a little alley way. It was fun, and my first time going out and taking pictures in the road. Definitely weirded a few people out as they drove down the road, waiting for us to get out of the way!

Sevi's faux romper look was cool and fun!

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of myself... 

The apartments at Addison Circle are gorgeous!

We continued onwards, enjoying the scenery and kept taking pictures from time to time. We eventually stopped at the main park, where we cooed over a puppy we met, chatted and laughed some more, and took more pictures!

I enjoyed meeting Elysa! A truly sweet and lovely lady!

Valery looking cool and collected, as usual!

Working it in a midi skirt!

Everyone had such pretty outfits, from faux rompers, all-out denim, chic pencil skirts, and a maxi dress. It was a great mix of different styles! 

I wore a midi skirt from eShakti, a shimmery purple top I found at Ross, some cute white wedges from Payless Shoes, and a fair of feather earrings a friend of mine made for me. 

Haven't done a photoshoot in ages, it seems. 

All in all, a great Girl's Night Out! And I look forward to many more to come!


  1. You are so sweet Eva! I had so much fun during the photo shoot. Thanks for not laughing at my awkward poses!