August 29, 2014

Casual Friday: Project Runway, Brides, and Nutella-Banana Tacos

So after a day of grocery shopping and laundry, when it comes to winding down and enjoying a night before a day-off I think I have found a go-to routine for me. 

Part the first is a delicious tortilla covered in Nutella, banana slices, and raspberries (with a dash of cinnamon that my husband mischieviously added).  It's a delectable treat, and I plan on eating more of them! (within reason...)

Part two of this relaxing Friday-night is Project Runway. I've thoroughly enjoyed this season, and I am sooo happy to finally watch the show. I haven't had a chance to watch it before now, and I've been enjoying it! 

This week was all about wedding dresses. Mainly unconventional styled wedding outfits, done in teams of 2. A ceremony gown and a reception dress. By far my favorite of the grouping was the winning look by Kini and Sean, and congrats to Sean for a second win in a row! As of now, these two designers are definitely standing out more and more, despite Sean's awful look in episode 4. He's come a long, long way. Kini, however, seems to be consistently spot-on with beautifully constructed pieces.  Either one of them I can potentially see winning the whole thing.

Here's a look at their pieces: 

Fierce and fabulous, with menswear inspired garments fit for a non-traditional bride!
Congrats to Sean for his second win!
Photo from
Seeing this episode reminded me of my own wedding, just a mere 4 months ago. My own wedding dress was a 50's inspired gown, with no train and covered in chiffon, lace, and pearls. It was a beautiful dress that I found at David's Bridal, from their Oleg Cassini collection. It was complete with kitten heels and a birdcage veil. 

My wonderful husband and I... it still feels like a dream!
It was a wonderful day, full of Jazz music, dancing, family and friends, and the perfect getaway in a vintage car. It's a day I won't soon forget! 

Project Runway has been a great show for me, seeing the development of such lovely pieces inspires me for more illustrations and more interesting designs to create in a drawing. I can't wait for the next episode!

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