September 6, 2014

Toni & Guy - All White Party

So tonight I went to an All White party, where in order to get in you had to wear all white, naturally. I was invited by my friend, Courtney, who is an amazing fashion blogger for Champagne & City Lights. I wore a lace dress I got a while back from Modcloth, complete with a Michael Kors clutch, white wedges, and gold accessories. 

It was a rough start for both of us, we didn't know anyone there except each other, and it was a huge crowd! The party was celebrating the opening of Toni & Guy's new flagship hairdressing academy here in Dallas. You can learn more about their academy and what they do here.

Filled with LOTS of people!!
Luckily, we did manage alright and took some photos of each other's outfits to pass the time before the presentation began. 

Always looking so fabulous!
There was wine and appetizers, so we sipped and munched and wandered about the room until it was time for the show. 

When it did happen, there was a fun fashion show that showcased the hairstylings of the various students at the academy. There were a lot of interesting looks, and I definitely will have to use some of them for future drawings! (They're phone pictures, so bear with me)

Decided to draw one of the pictures I took, big, crazy hair is fun!

After the show, the people who keep the academy and Toni & Guy running came up to speak, talking about how the company started and what the hoped for in the future. Sounds pretty promising to me! I'll have to check out one of their salons the next time I need a haircut. I believe there's one just across from the academy in Preston Park Village...

Some of the people who make Toni & Guy possible!
Once all was said and done, Courtney and I got to sit in on a little blogger interview session with the CEO and another major influencer of the academy. 
She and a few others asked some questions about the future of the academy, their inspiration, and their passion for what they do. It was obvious that the CEO is incredibly passionate for Toni & Guy's future, and I wish them all the luck in the world!

Picture with the CEO and other major players in the Toni & Guy vision!

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