August 19, 2014

Amazing Week!

The past few days have been really wonderful! Thursday, I met the ladies of the Southwest Blogger Society at the Tootsie's Fall Preview Event. I took my sketch pad and some paints, planning on sketching a few of the designs.

What I didn't expect was how eager everyone was to watch me and learn more about what I was doing!! It was an amazing experience as ladies asked to be drawn, and getting to know them was a real treat! 

The first request was from this lovely lady, Mia! She was so excited to get her drawing done, I couldn't stop smiling!! It was through her that others made their requests, and from that I gained new friendships! 

I am so eager for what is to come, after this event I have gotten emails about attending other events, and have been invited to hang out with the girls again! 

It was their genuine kindness and generosity that has made me hopefulfor the  future in my art, and I can't wait!!


  1. Eva! It's a pleasure that I was fortunate to meet you and I look forward to spending even more time together. You have an awesome talent and I hope that I can help with shouting it to the world!

    1. Thank you so much! It was so wonderful meeting all of you, and I hope that there will be more get-togethers to come!