August 19, 2014

Getting back into traditional art!

Lately I've been doing a lot of digital art, and hadn't really gotten out the paints and enjoying the process of traditional art... However at the past event I went to after I did some sketches for the ladies, I've come to realize how much I missed just drawing and painting on a sketch pad. So I've decided to start doing more.

Yesterday I went to Dallas' NorthPark Center, it's a great mall that's got all sorts of high end fashion stores. It's also got a lot of art, which makes it prime for inspiration! So I sat myself at the Starbucks and started sketching. The picture below is the product of that day: 

Today I decided to go to Highland Park Village, which is even more high-end! It's filled with beautiful things and people, so it's another great spot for fashion inspiration! 

My drawing from today is as follows, inspired by the awesome fashion illustrator at Paper Fashion and the beautiful Emily West, who so far is my favorite singer on this season's America's Got Talent:

The quality of the pictures aren't great at the moment, but I do plan to scan them somehow. In the meantime, enjoy!

If you're in Dallas, keep a look out for the girl with the bag that looks like the picture below, and you'll find me!

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