July 27, 2015

Monday Sketches - Exploring Corel Painter 2015

This week's post is essentially going to be a review for the digital painting program Corel Painter 2015. While I am hardly an expert on the program, I wanted to share my experience using it. 

Image from http://minus.com/liA2kxKRXdASk
My Digital Painting class for this summer has been a great insight on how to paint better using digital software.  Corel Painter 2015 is by no means a cheap purchase, but if you're an artist looking at mastering all media of art, it's a worthwhile investment. There are so many great options in painting in this program!

You can learn more about Corel and Corel Painter 2015 here.  

I've posted about this image before last week, but now I've actually begun painting. It's my final project in Digital Painting, and I'm celebrating my love of Plus Size fashion in an advertisement style image. Here we have a sketch of the image, laying out the landscape, the pose, and other details. 

This is always my first step for any painting, whether it's traditional or digital.

My first WIP has been worked on for about 2 hours, blocking in colors, getting the shape of the dress down and working on getting the shading of the form down. As you can see, the pose looks a little off. Her feet are pointed in one direction and her torso is twisted rather uncomfortably in the opposite direction.

Painting digitally is a little odd for me, because I'm used to relying heavily on linework rather than really building up a three-dimensional form using shadows. 

This is my latest WIP of the same painting. Here, I've turned the pose to make more sense, and I've smoothed out the ocean so it doesn't look quite so choppy. 

Corel has a multitude of brushes that are really handy when painting, and I think that's definitely the program's best feature. I think I used a combination of a calligraphy brush, a blender, and an oil brush throughout this image so far. 

Finally, something I did to step away from my school work. Loosening up my hand and drawing something more fun always helps me regain my ground and my focus when returning to a project. Here, I limited the colors to a soft pink tone, and worked on experimenting with painting shadows alongside the linework I really enjoy. 

All in all, Corel is a great program, and I definitely know that with practice it will be a staple in my artistic arsenal. 

Until next time!

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