August 2, 2015

I Know Somebody Hot Fashion Mixer

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending a fun networking mixer hosted by I Know Somebody Houston! I went mainly to support my good friend Shalanda of Live Life In Style who was a panelist there along with Suzanne Wall Joffrion of  eSBe Designs and Mariam Mua Ahmed-Guerrero from The Fairest One.

There were so many wonderful ladies who attended, and I got to meet so many of them! Networking is usually a bit difficult for me, simply because I have a tendency to be shy. However, the ladies here were all really kind and sweet, and it didn't feel quite so overwhelming. I can't wait for the next networking event! 

I got to meet realtors, publicists, stylists, and many others! One of them who stood out most was Ms. Natalie Weakly, an Image Consultant at Signature Style. My sketchbook was also a great networking tool for me, and lots of ladies enjoyed flipping through it - hopefully this will help my business as an illustrator!

Below are some fun images of the event, including pamphlets from the panelists.

Shasie with her Hot Fashion Trends. 
Great handout from Shasie, highlighting the best trends for this summer! 
Ms. Suzanne also had a pamphlet, including a discount for her designs! 

Never can resist sketching, even while networking!
The JW Marriot Downtown is a really beautifully decorated hotel, great venue place!
Outfit of the Day! A fun and quirky wrap dress from Torrid


  1. Great recap! Wish I was able to make it out.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Wrap dress looks grest on you!

  3. your sketches are always the coolest!

  4. Love the recap! Your outfit looked fantastic.