January 27, 2015

Birthday Shopping! Celebrating 25 years!

Today was my 25th Birthday! It's hard to believe that I'm a quarter of a century now... but time does fly, after all. My husband gifted me with some money to go shopping - my favorite gift of all! I went with my best friend, Meg, out to the Katy Mills Mall. It's always been a favorite hangout of mine here in Houston when I was a teenager, so it's nice to have a day out there again. 

I wore some of my favorite items to celebrate: my trusty eShakti skirt with a newer belt, my favorite Modcloth flats (which are starting to wear out, oh no!), and a cute metallic print tank top I got from Dilliard's! 

It was a wonderfully relaxing day, a day I really needed after dealing with putting the house in Richardson on the market, the move to Houston, and trying to find a job. 

Good news, though! The house already has an offer that we accepted! So if all goes well, then the house will be in the hands of new owners by the end of February!

The first store Meg and I went to was an H&M, but unfortunately aside from a few cute shoes and some jewelry, there wasn't a plus size section to peruse. Boo.

However, the second store was an Old Navy! I sifted through some things that I've never tried before, like the new Joggers trend I've been seeing pop up a lot lately. They're cute, but not for me. I DID get a cute button up top, though! In the Pantone color of the year, no less - Marsala. Or close enough. Along with it, I got a cute red and silver bracelet that was on sale. 

The next store is among my favorites! Forever XXI is an excellent place for plus size clothing (when they have the section included in the store, anyways). It does take time to dig through the racks, and there is a lot of black and more out-there trends. Personally, crop tops and jumpsuits just don't seem to agree with me. 

However, there are plenty of diamonds in the rough when you know what you're looking for! I was specifically looking for unique colors, patterns, and textures. And what I found was amazing!

First off is this gorgeous magenta tank dress. The material is a nice thickness, and the shape and cut works for both professional settings as well as going out. It's also really comfortable! Purple is one of those colors I can't get enough of, and need more of it in my closet!

The second dress was a black and gold lace tank dress. Similar in shape to the purple dress, but with lace sleeves. I love a-line looks, I think they're really flattering on me, and they're great for dressing up or down. 

This gold and black dress is especially fun - the lace texture is really interesting, and takes a new spin on an otherwise basic dress. 

After a meal in the food court, Meg and I wandered around some more. I purchase a couple other items, and then it was time to head on home! Meg took the pictures you see here! She did a great job, and I feel that everything I got is flattering and looks great on me! Plus Size never looked so good, eh?

After a long day of shopping, I came home to a husband already returned from work. We went out to a quick dinner and went to a fencing practice for our SCA group! Had a wonderful time hanging out with friends! 

I had a wonderful birthday - and I look forward to what lies ahead for me in the years to come!


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    1. Thank you so much!! The earrings came from Old Navy, funny enough.

  2. Happy birthday! Love the magenta dress. :)