December 21, 2014

Magic Time Machine and Packing

This weekend we started packing up our beautiful house in Richardson. We had help, though. My brother returned with us to help out, and our friends Andrew and Bill came by and helped pack for a couple hours. We got a lot done! I would say we're around 70% done now - and the rest should be easier before our move-out date of the 30th.

After our two friends had to leave, we cleaned up after a hard day's work and went to the Magic Time Machine restaurant in Addison, TX. I'd been there before, years ago, for an orchestra trip. It's a fun place where the waiters and waitresses dress up in various characters. From Red Riding Hood to Wednesday Adams, Spiderman to Captain Jack, the fun is to be had pretty much right when you step through the door. 

My husband and I both got yummy Magic Bubbling Potion, a tasty concoction of orange juice, pineapple juice, Sierra Mist, and a splash of Malibu Rum. It really did bubble! The food was excellent there, and our waitress, Harley Quinn, was really friendly and funny. 

She was really nice, and provided great service! I would imagine it's one of few restaurants where the workers have as much fun as those who eat the food! 

I couldn't resist having my brother take a picture with Harley Quinn. 

Hopefully the rest of our packing and the move will go smoothly. Soon we'll be in Houston!

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