October 30, 2014

The Fort Worth Stockyards

This past Wednesday my husband and I went to the Fort Worth Stockyards. It's a great place full of old-time charm. Older buildings, lots of antique shops, and it's chock-full of Texas and Western themed novelty shops. 

Plenty of funny sayings, cows, horses, and the Texas flag was everywhere! It was a lot of fun seeing all these interesting things. I had gone once before with my best friend, Meghann, but this was the first time going with my husband, Don. 

I managed to capture him in the store, and plopped a cowboy hat on him, too! 

One of the more interesting things that happened was a Cattle Drive! There were guys dressed up in their duds, horses decked out, and longhorns walking the streets! They do this every day at 11am and at 4pm. People were lined up on the sidewalks to watch!

Another part of the attraction was the Stockyards Station. A Railway ran through the middle of it, and there were plenty of other shops and restaurants. All of them containing barbeque, hamburgers, tex-mex, and all sorts of novelties as well!

My favorite shop that we happened to stop by was The Spice & Tea Exchange. There were all manners of salts, spices, blends, and plenty of amazing smelling teas. 

We got a packet of dried rose petals, which my husband plans to use to make his own Mead. 

All along the sidewalks was a Trail of Fame, which had the names of various cowboys, pioneers, lawmen and women, and more! 

The trip was well-worth the drive from Dallas, and we had such a fantastic time! 
We'll definitely be going again.

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