October 26, 2014

A Gift from Modcloth.com and a look at Body Positivity

Just recently, my favorite retailer, Modcloth.com, selected me as the weekly winner of a hashtag campaign across their social media. It's called #fashiontruth, and it's an expression of what Fashion means to us, as their customers. It spans across all women (and some men!) and all body sizes. Skinny, athletic, plus-sized, overweight, tall or short... It's a wonderful campaign that celebrates diversity and all things that make us happy! You can see all sorts of examples on their blog, here.

Modcloth is a stunning example of creating beautiful and eclectic clothing, items that are unique. You can create a multitude of different looks from the products that they carry! 

I've been plus sized for most of my life. Even when I had a short time when I had lost weight, I was still considered 'plus-sized' in comparison. When I gained the weight back, I found once again that it was difficult to buy clothes for myself. Places like Modcloth make that search a little easier, and makes it more fun to be unique and different at the same time!

With their new campaign, it only affirms what I've always hoped to feel about myself. That I'm worth something, despite not being conventionally sized. That we're all worth everything, no matter what size we are! 

My contribution to this #fashiontruth was an illustration I did a while back, a self portrait and a simple quote:
"My Size doesn't determine My Worth." 

I was thrilled when I was selected! I first heard it on Instagram, then I saw it on Twitter. It made me so happy when I saw all the Retweets and the Likes! I can't thank Modcloth enough for giving my illustration brand this little shout-out! It gives me hope that what I'm doing is the right path. 

I just bought some beautiful clothes with my gift: two tops, a skirt, and a necklace. All of them unique and fun - things that I have been lacking in the casual category. 

You can check them out at my Polyvore account here, and you can see the items below. 

Once I receive my items, I'll definitely be reviewing them here, and possibly illustrating them as well! I am so excited!

Thank you again, Modcloth!


  1. You totally deserved to win!!! That quote is perfection and I cannot wait to hear your reviews.

    1. Thank you so much!
      I can't wait til they arrive!