November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know I've been rather quiet and dull as of late. Things have been pretty hectic in the Duplan house. My husband has been on the job hunt and graduate school has been keeping me busy. 

However, I have some events coming up that I will get to illustrate for! I'm looking forward to them - it will give me a chance to promote myself and work on expanding on my live sketching techniques. 

This holiday week was spent in Houston with my husband's sister - he had some wonderful interviews in Downtown Houston before the Thanksgiving holiday. My sister-in-law has a pair of beautiful little girls - and it was such a joy spending time with them! 

Kat just loves watching shows with her favorite Uncle. 
Monday we had a great day with my friend Meghann - we went to the mall, then went and saw Mockingjay Part 1! It was a great movie - definitely a must-see! Tuesday I spent the day with my family (who also are in Houston) and went Thrift shopping with my mama. It was a great time! Wednesday we went and saw Mockingjay again with my dad after eating lunch at Chuy's with my dad, brother, and sister-in-law and her husband. 

Thanksgiving we spent with my husband's family - it was a wonderful spread with wonderful people! My new extended family are so kind and generous - I love them all so much!

Friday was a relaxing afternoon with Don's parents and sister and her family - and her little one, Sam, got to open her early Birthday presents. Don and I got her a fun Olaf plushie! 

Saturday before we returned to Dallas, my family and I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival! It's a family gathering I always look forward to. This weekend was the last weekend of the season - and it was a great way to start the Christmas season. 

I'm hoping to update a little more regularly - forgive me again for my absence! 

See you again soon!

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