October 15, 2014

The Culturemap Stylemaker Awards

Those who have been following me on Instagram or Facebook know that I've been preparing for this event for a while now. I worked on 100 cards for the swag bags! 

Well, the event came and went, and I must say I had a blast! Tootsie's definitely is a great place for a great event! Culturemap Dallas threw in all sorts of awesome goodies. Food, wine, entertainment - it wanted for nothing. I saw familiar faces and plenty of new faces and there was plenty of fabulous to go around! 

The highlight of the evening for me was a sketch artist named Benjamin Vincent who drew your portrait. For once I got to be the model instead of the drawer! He did wonderfully, and I loved watching him work! We got to chat about the industry, and I suggest you go check out his website right now: http://www.benvincent.com/

I look so fab!
The nominees for the Stylemaker Awards put together 2 outfits, one for a party and one for brunch, and all six put out some awesome outfits both for men and women! I was stunned by how awesome everything and everybody looked! 

Everyone who came out to the event looked their best, and it was definitely a Fashion Night Out!

The Winners of this event were Melissa Rountree and Maleiah Rogers, and rightfully so! Their looks were unique and fresh, and both utilized one of my favorite designers right now: Lublu KP

After the stylemaker show, Tootsie's put on a show of their own. It featured plenty of warm knits, fur, fringe, boots, and more! I loved every bit of it! It was awesome seeing such high-end fashion at work, and I made sure to get some sketching in for myself! 

I can't wait for more events this Fall season especially ones at Tootsie's. I also can't wait to use and utilize the amazing goodies I got from my swag bag! 

The card I got I gave away to a friend who didn't get one, but I hope the other 99 people who got bags enjoy my illustration cards!

I wore one my recent favorite dresses from Target, and a pair of heels I found at Ross. Budget-friendly meets fashionable - who knew?

The blazer originally was going to be worn in case it got too chilly, but it never did! 

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