September 15, 2014

The Northpark Center - a Mall that inspires Creativity

Over the past few weeks, I've been visiting a wonderful mall called the Northpark Center in Dallas.  It's full of high end stores filled with amazing pieces of clothing. Passing the windows and perusing the stores is a great way to inspire me for new artwork. Usually I walk the look around the mall, then I stop at the Starbucks, get an iced coffee, then start painting. 

The images below are some examples from what I've painted while visiting the Center. 

The next set of pictures is a look at a couple of the amazing displays I've seen. They all show amazing style and promote wonderful brands that think outside the box each season. 

I hope to eventually be a part of brands and companies like these, illustrating their displays, their designs, and other amazing clothing items. 

The mall itself is wonderfully set up, with fountains, a beautiful courtyard, sculptures, artwork... it's a wonderful place to promote art and creativity! Any artist who loves fashion would definitely feel inspired by this place.

Speaking of art, while I was visiting today, I happened upon a pretty little setup full of art from the Business Council for the Arts. There were fashion displays, mosaics, paintings, and other beautiful creations from different artists. If you're in Dallas, I suggest going to see it!

To finish this post, here are some more fashion displays. Just fabulous!

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