July 7, 2017

Shopping Day on 2nd Street Austin!

Today was a good day! I decided to head out to Downtown Austin, specifically to the 2nd Street District to finally check out ModCloth's IRL store! It was a bit of a hassle finding parking, but walking a few blocks is good for you, right? I was so excited to be able to finally visit, as ModCloth is one of my absolute favorite vendors! 

They're especially wonderful because they make it a point to have at least half of everything they stock be available from sizes XS - 4X, which is right up my alley! 

The outside of the store is a little inconspicuous, but peering through the windows you can tell this is an out-of-the-ordinary type place! <3

The store is visually stunning, the mannequins are in both standard AND plus sizes, and are dressed to the nines! I was in awe of the beautiful clothing and the wonderful merchandising of the store. This place is just as fun to just walk around and admire as it is to shop!

The way you shop at ModCloth IRL is you're given a little clipboard - you find a style you want to try on and write down the product number and the size you want to try. There are multiple spots so you can choose a whole bunch of things to try on! I chose a number of skirts, tops, and dresses that I thought would look cute!

ModCloth IRL also has free styling available for appointments throughout the day, so if you stop in needing styling advice, they have you covered!

In addition to the things I chose, the sales associate also picked a few extra pieces she thought I would enjoy - and I definitely did!!

The best thing about ModCloth is how much variety they have in their styles, prints, and cuts while still maintaining a cohesive, stylish, wonderfully vintage look.

How CUTE is this dress?!

I came away with three awesome options! 
(I would have left with more, but my budget said otherwise :'( )

Another cool thing about shopping in the store is that you don't leave carrying heavy bags! The items are shipped directly to you with FREE express shipping!

The sales associates were all helpful throughout the shopping, dressing, and purchasing process - 10 stars to them! <3

On my way out for the day, I found an adorable little Frozen Yogurt place called Berry Austin! They had all sorts of fun options as well as the usual fill-your-own-cup fare! I got a small cup of pistachio yogurt with granola, yogurt chips, almonds, and raspberries (with a couple maraschino cherries on top). 

It was delicious!

When I was finished, I left behind a flyer of my Illustrations website and a couple business cards! 

2nd Street District is a fun, trendy place to walk around and shop - I can't wait to visit again!

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