October 22, 2015

Live Life in Style X Absolut Elyx Martini Class

Last night I had a wonderful chance to spend a Girls' Night Out with my good friend Shalanda Turner of Live Life in Style and a few other bloggers for a private event with Absolut Elyx at the Federal Grill here in Houston. Shalanda hosted it, and myself and six other ladies got a chance to learn how to craft the 'Perfect Martini'. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot! It was a wonderful time. I had never had a martini before, so it was a great experience to actually make my own first wet martini. It was pretty good!

We learned how to make a classic traditional martini using the Absolut Elyx vodka instead of gin. Elyx is the Absolut line's luxury brand, and is an extremely smooth vodka. In our lesson, we learned about the history of Absolut, and the traditional recipe for a wet or dry martini. I opted for wet, which is a shot of vermouth and a shot of vodka. More vodka makes for a drier martini. I garnished with an orange peel, since I hate olives.

You can learn more about ordering martinis from this Huffpost post here.

After the cocktail mixing, we retreated to a couched area and had yummy appetizers to munch on along with our newly crafted drinks, and got to get to know each other better. 
There was a lot of talk about blogging, and a lot of laughter! 

I think in the end, while big fashion events are great and I enjoy them very much, I prefer these smaller, intimate events. It's these events where you get to make friends and build relationships with people who enjoy similar things as yourself. I hope that there will be more in the future! 

Below are some of the pictures I took! Enjoy!

Such gorgeous accessories to mix our martinis in! <3 

Shalanda, looking as fabulous as ever!

We also got these cute little pineapple pins - so sophisticated and chic!


We created our martinis in a rather un-James Bond fashion: Stirred.

So much great food!!

Chic polaroids to accompany our amazing event!! <3 

Until next time! 

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