September 14, 2015

Monday Sketches - School and Miscellanea

Sorry it's been a bit quiet around the blog lately! School just started back up and my husband and I have begun house hunting in full swing! Anyways, I have a few things to show you! 

These two lovely ladies are different sketches that I worked on about a week or two ago. The one on the left is directly influenced by the fashions and accessories from Charming Charlie's! I love their stuff, and adore the mod-chic look that I drew here!
The second was based on a photo I saw in passing of a plus sized lady in a beautiful yellow gown. Inspired by the color, I added a Mucha inspired Mandala as well.  

Since school started up again for me, it's only fair that I share my projects with you! This week we had to develop a few thumbnails. I'm taking Advertising Illustration, so I'm confident this class will directly help me develop my thesis ideas more coherently. 
In this image, I've developed an Ad for Whitman's Chocolates under the slogan I penned as "Have a Girl's Day IN." I'm hoping this project turns out well!

 These last two images are quick sketches I did while at an event I attended last week! Don't worry, I'll be posting all about that soon enough, hopefully by mid-week or so.
The fashions seen here are based on the Technical Cashmere pieces seen at Kit and Ace, a fun, quirky little store in Rice Village here in Houston. Lovely stuff that looks comfortable, and I hope someday comes in Plus Sizes!!

That's all for now, until next time!

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