September 15, 2015

Kit and Ace Boutique Opening Event

Last week I had the pleasure to attend a boutique opening in Rice Village for Kit and Ace, a specialty boutique for a unique fabric - Technical Cashmere. It's a special kind of cashmere that's machine washable, and in person is buttery soft. You can learn all about what they do and why they do it on their website at  

The event itself was lots of fun, I was able to chat with a few of the workers there and it seems the environment is cool, relaxed, and everything about Kit and Ace had a wonderfully eclectic feel to it. The store was a bright and open space, filled with minimalist decor. The art and installations are apparently from local artists, and the chandelier seen below is the first thing that catches your eye when you walk in. 

Another piece of art in the store is a piece called Willow - Where the Wild Things Are by Anita Varadaraju. It's a beautiful contemporary piece that fits the clean style that is consistent within the boutique. You can learn more about Anita here.

The decorations for the event itself were simple and elegant, and the champagne served was very good! I feel the event was a great hit, and it was a huge crowd that was lively, energetic, and friendly. 

Along with the decor, there was a paper crafter there who had beautiful paper flowers on display and being made as favors for the event!  Blome's Paperie is an adorable and eclectic business based out of Houston who provides beautiful paper flowers for decor at weddings and events like this one. Sarah creates gorgeous stuff, so check her out at her website here.

The apparel for Kit and Ace features mostly basics and sportswear, with comfortable tees, shirts, and a few staples like blouses, wraps and polos for men! I really look forward to seeing how this company expands, and perhaps one day they'll even include Plus Sizes!

One of the best things about the apparel was the fact that each type of garment has a story behind it. Some are encouraging while others are outright hilarious! It was worth perusing the store just reading all of them! Below I've listed just a few of them. 

Like I love to do, I did a few sketches of the things I saw. A trench coat, a dress, and a wrap - all things that are comfortable, versatile, and essential for the everyday wardrobe. If you want a basic that's also a luxury item, Kit and Ace is for you!

This event was definitely a good one, and I hope that there will be plenty of others like it. It was fun, laid back, full of lots of smiles and laughter and a sense of camaraderie. I even got to take home a paper flower and an etched drinking glass! 

Here's to another great event here in Houston!

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