August 31, 2015

Monday Sketches - Plus Size Mock Advertisements

Been pretty busy lately, and since school ended for the summer, I've been a bit burnt out from sketching and drawing on a regular basis.  Things have been challenging as of late, especially since I've been working on trying to figure out my upcoming Graduate Midpoint Review and my Thesis. 

My Thesis is probably one of the most daunting projects I will face in the next two years before I graduate, and even working on a simple proposal has proven to be a daunting task. However, I know what the guidelines are and what I'm supposed to do, so that makes it somewhat easier. 

My MFA is in Advertising Illustration specifically, and my thesis in the end will consist of 15 advertisement illustrations of various brands of my choosing. It sounds easy enough to write a proposal for, but I want to make sure that my voice is clear and concise in the subject that I want to focus on. 

And that would be Plus Size women in every day advertisements. 

Bringing a concept into words has always been difficult for me, but I think I might be getting closer. Drawing out a few examples of what I want to do also has helped. I only have two for now, and they're quick digital paintings, really, but I hope you enjoy them!

The first illustration, seen above, is a more direct approach in the plus size figure, featuring a bikini-clad woman showcasing a brightly colored clutch, the subject of the advertisement. 

The second illustration is for a pair of heels, the mock brand specifically called "Holiday Heels". This advertisement is more subtle - the plus size woman isn't fully displayed, but it's clear that the woman isn't stick-thin. 

I still have a long ways to go before this thesis is fully fleshed out, but I'm inching my way closer and closer!

Until next time!

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