March 18, 2015

Neiman Marcus It Girls of Instagram Event!

Today, Neiman Marcus at the Houston Galleria had an event celebrating some of the coolest instagram blogs in Houston, hosted by Houston Tidbits! The girls that were voted on were Issa Rocks, House of Harper, Willow Crowns, Imma Eat That, and Sugar And Cloth! They had some great outfits to share, and it was wonderful seeing them put their own flare and personality into the models and mannequins. Be sure to check out their instagram pages, they're awesome!

The winners ended up being Issa Rocks and House of Harper, so congrats to them!! The runway looked great and there were tons of people there to support the local bloggers. It's always good to see support for things like that, it brings everyone a little closer together. For me, I know it's difficult meeting people, and events like this help me to get out there and be social! 

Instagram and Facebook are powerful tools for your blog and your brand, but it's nice to actually meet the people face to face. I even got to meet some of the members of the group I was recently added to, the Houston Fashion Bloggers! It was a great time, and I hope this continues in the future. 

I even got to do a little sketching and drew a couple of my favorite looks from the runway. Check them out in the pictures below! 

This look actually was from one of the members of the audience. She was wearing a butterfly print maxi dress and I couldn't resist drawing it!

This look came from Sugar and Cloth! The skirt actually was blue striped, but I didn't have a blue marker.

Willow Crowns styled this cute romper. The print's to die for!

That's all for now! Hopefully there will be more events to blog about soon!


  1. Hate that I missed this event ! Love your sketches

  2. Will have to go to the next one! Thank you for sharing and love the sketches!

  3. Great sketches. Please go to every fashion event in Houston and sketch <3

    1. That's the hope and the goal! <3 Thank you!