February 13, 2015

Fashionably Illustrated Event at Langford Market Rice Village

Recently, I met a fabulous illustrator, like myself, here in Houston! Her name is Rongrong Devoe, and she had an artist event at Langford Market Rice Village today! 

She is such a sweet lady, and her illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! I envy her talent, and I so look forward to hanging out with her more often! It's so awesome that there's another fashion illustrator out there, in Houston no less!! It's nice to know you're not the only one around, after all. 

She had some wonderful products available for sale, from phone cases to totebags, prints and cards, and more! I wished I could have bought a print or a phone case, but alas I did not have the funds. 

I even managed to snap a picture with her! I finally got a chance to wear my foxy print skirt from Modcloth.com!

She even did some live sketching for the customers! Seems that live sketching will eventually catch on here in Houston as well. I certainly hope so, and hope to be the sketcher at one of them!

This customer was so adorable, wearing a flowered dress and a crop top sweater. Her illustration is just as cute too!

One of the best parts of Langford Market is that they support local artists all the time! They bring in a new artist every month and feature their work on the walls. How cool is that?

I even got to meet fellow fashion blogger, Heather, from LA Fashion Snob! Her style is so wonderfully eclectic and vintage - I suggest going and checking her blog out!


  1. Love!!! I'm a closet fashionista! Most days I don't have the energy (or funds) to wear the cute stuff I like!

    1. Same here! I wish I could buy entire stores, but I know that'll never happen!

      Thrift shops are great places to find cute stuff on a budget! The jacket that Heather is wearing was something she found at Goodwill - isn't is adorable??

  2. Awwww Eva! Thank you for the shout-out! I'm working on my post now actually :)

    1. Awesome! Looking forward to reading it!